The science of Sutro: The Smart Water Monitor

A quick map of the Sutro system

Tracing the journey of a drop of water in the Sutro

The drop(s) of water are pulled into the floating monitor

The Sutro floating in a swimming pool and the I/O port

Small amounts of reagents are then dosed

Pool Test kit — Image courtesy of The Spruce
  • pH — phenol red (the red color that you’d usually use to measure pH)
  • Free chlorine — DPD1A and DPD1B
  • Alkalinity — Total alkalinity indicator and super light sulfuric acid reactant

Then, an array of colors is measured

Flying across, the data gets sent to the hub

From the hub, up and to the cloud it goes!

Back down to the Sutro App on Android or iOS

Rigby Pool and Spa Review of Sutro

Really cool, huh?

Music I was listening to while I wrote this

Wolfgang Haffner — Kind of Tango (2020 — Album)




Disrupting water.

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Ravi Kurani

Ravi Kurani

Disrupting water.

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