I was listening to the Prof-G podcast (I’d subscribed for the longest time and finally got to listen to an episode… don’t know if that happens to y’all), and I’m hooked. Great job Vox and Scott!

The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway on Spotify

Scott was talking through a section on how Airbnb has basically trumped travel across the market (by beating Google at their algorithm). I won’t go into too much detail there, as that’s not the point of this post.

This really caught my attention, it’s:

Brands are short-hand for diligence.

This is an interesting way to look at a brand or a product. A brand…

I was reading Marshall McLuhan Unbound, which I would totally recommend that every founder read his books. I was turned on to McLuhan from David Perell and his latest Friday Finds email on Time, Propaganda, Nietzche, Freedom (the subj. line of his e-mail).

Romanesco Broccoli and Fractals

A line stuck out on Page 26 in Book 3.

McLuhan says:

Depth awareness is created by parallel suggestion not by connected statement.

He continues…

Shakespearean drama gets the emotion of multitude from the sub-plot which copies the main plot.

…and a third line which I want to throw into this soup I’m boiling right now:


Writing is hard for me and that’s exactly why I want to do it.


Because it’s literally the medium (outside of video and music) that can convey ideas, convince souls, and move mountains.

I picked up Marshall McLuhan Unbound off of a recommendation from David Perell and the opening line hit me:

The printed word is an arrested moment of mental activity.

Something about this is just so enigmatic. It’s huge. Writing down what you’re thinking right now irons out the ideas you have, and eventually will allow you to share that idea with others. …

The ‘How it Works’ page has about $6 in page-value. This means that the page is responsible for convincing (and converting) our friends to purchase and become part of the Sutro family.

When we audited the page, we realized that the ‘intent’ of WHY people were coming to this page was to understand more about the technology, and we weren’t quite doing that.

A quick map of the Sutro system

We had some marketing fodder, some why it’s important, but the biggest part of marketing is just being practical. …

Summer is here! Sutro is putting out a few ads in the industry magazines, and here is a quick primer on how we wrote copy for AQUA Magazine and for IPSSA magazine ad spreads.

Building content for B2B is very different than B2C. We have an amazing team at SalesGenomics who have been helping us with our digital advertising and funnel management, but B2B is a whole different beast.

I was turned onto copywriting (writ large), Joe Sugarman, and the Boron Letters from fellow Founder Dojo member Sam Parr (from The Hustle), Jarie Bolander (from JSYPR), and Neville Medhora (from…

At Sutro, we’re striving to break barriers in the pool and spa industry, and eventually the larger water industry.

The Sutro 1-liner is (for those of you who don’t know):

Sutro is a robot that floats in your swimming pool (or spa) and tells you what and how much chemicals to put in your water.

Yours truly is the CEO and founder of said Sutro.

The Sutro floating lab in your swimming pool

We target three main B2B channels in the swimming pool industry:

  • Retailers (brick and mortar pool and spa supply stores)
  • Service (the pool guy that comes to clean your pool weekly), and
  • Builders (the folks…

I just finished reading Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler. I was turned on to the book after listening to a 3 part Black History Month series by Throughline.

Cover image of Octavia Butler Throughline episode by Joelle Avelino

A quick bit about Throughline

Throughline is a thought provoking podcast by the folks at NPR with two amazing hosts: Ramtin Arablouei and Rund Abdelfatah. If you like RadioLab or any of the work from Alex Blumberg at Gimlet Media (acquired by Spotify), you should definitely listen to Throughline. My favorite episode is the one titled Supreme — on the history of the US Supreme Court. Check it out!

I was cruising Facebook the other day, wasting time- and couldn’t help but resonate with a post that my colleague shared.

*First and foremost, I want to say that I am privileged. I understand that. A techie living in Oakland, California. This post comes not from a place of superiority, but rather just a memo of how I (and many others) feel at this time. There is no more justification I want to provide, or feel that I need to give.

OK, so jumping right to the post. He had reposted a post from Serge Beauchemin, an entrepreneur in Canada.

The original post from Serge

Establishing a process and sticking to it is key

Remote work, async communication, teams across the world… COVID-19, how do you manage?

Here is what we use at Sutro.

It’s not full-proof by any means; and we’re always growing and learning, but this is where we currently stand!

As always, if you have any comments or suggestions- just drop them in the comment section.


We were walking up the street at Anja’s aunt’s place in Reno, and Renate (Anja’s aunt), walked us to their neighbor’s (Gerald) house who has a large in-door 40 degree connected climbing wall in his garage, called a Moon Board.

Gerald is a huge climbing geek and works at Mesa Rim Climbing in Reno.

The Moon Board inside of a garage in Reno

This got me thinking around two threads:

  • Maps and territories. I’m in the middle of reading Farnham Street Mental Models, and they explain how maps are abstractions of territories. The territories are the physical space and maps are just explanations of those territories. The Moon Board…

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