With the latest Mark Zuckerberg announcement of Facebook focusing on the metaverse (and potentially even changing their name to reflect as such), I’ve been seeing more folks shining a spotlight on the “metaverse”.

So, what is the metaverse?

Sapiens (we humans) are story telling creatures, and outside of all the…

I have never seen the night sky (in its fullest) before. And when I did, it was eye-opening.

An image of the Milky Way taken by Marius von Essen in Sage Hen

My sister, Shrina Kurani and her husband Marius von Essen are big hiking folks. They go out on 5 day excursions on the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail) and head out to hard…

Tonight, I left my phone at home.

I went to the pizza place (Hoza Pizzeria) at the corner of 15th and Franklin, in Oakland California, and ordered a vegan slice of pizza and a beer.

I was anxious, and I realized that I grabbed for my pocket at least 7…

2x is different than x^2

Startups (and businesses) continually strive for hockey stick growth, but a word of caution - you need to really be ahead of the game to make sure you can manage the ‘exponential’.

1, 2, 3, 4, steps showing the ‘units of complexity’ you’ll have at each stage

I know the…

Ravi Kurani

Disrupting water.

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